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This Blog is for the game Spartan Wars. You can read tips/guides and see what you need to send in to a cave without any loses etc. is not an official page from tap4fun, we who maintains the site is players & moderators.

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Spartan Wars Guide Best Mobile App Game

Is a mobile app game create from the company tap4fun. They also develop some other games such as:

  • Island Empire
  • Kings Empire
  • Galaxy Empire

About This Game

This game is about building your best city, train your army and expand the kingdom fighting against hundreds, thousands of the online community in Spartan Wars.

The time is set in spartan century and the when the game starts in anicent days. There are a few quest that needs to be completed before you are on your own. Teaching you how to gather resources such as:

  • Gold
  • Wood
  • Farm (Food to build army)
  • Quarry (Stones)

Upgrading the resources buildings will increase the production rate per hour as you level. You can barracks, research building to make your troops stronger in battle.

In Spartan Wars you have to join alliance and work together and fight other alliance and working together is the key of controlling the game. This will greatly help the alliance to grow bigger and stronger. Helping each other with sharing your resources when one of your memebers to build faster is a good way to start.

Spartan Wars info is here to make you grow bigger and better in this game.